About us

Brand Story

At Sparkle Realty, we don’t ask ‘What more can we do with this space?’ but rather ‘How much more can this space be?’.

That’s why we’re not just architects, we’re artisans. We choose to craft rather than build; dream instead of plan, and more importantly, we’re dedicated on giving you a home, not a house. We’re Sparkle Realty – driven to breathe life into your spaces.

About Sparkle Realty

Sparkle Realty is an up-and-coming real estate firm with an eye for aesthetic, and an emphasis on smart design. Our flagship property – The Marquise – is strategically located on Bannerghatta Road and offers an elevated living experience blended with international quality.

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To create unique and aesthetic homes that are well-planned to make the most of every space, and to deliver this with trust and transparency.

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To redefine what living spaces can be with world-class architecture, sustainable design, and attention to detail.

Sipani to Sparkle

Sparkle Realty finds root in the Sipani Group of Properties, established in 2004. The legacy of Sipani itself can be traced back to 1978 and the automobile sector, when the brand brought the ‘Dolphin’ motorcar to the masses, even before Tata Motors. The name Sipani has always been associated with boldness, innovation, and technology.

Today, the group has branched out into home spaces and is known as an industry leader for its pioneering work – consistently setting a benchmark in economy and luxury homes, year after year. The real estate giant’s promise of ‘quality meets innovation’ naturally lends itself to Sparkle Realty as well. And while delivering well-planned spaces has always been at the core of Sipani Group, Sparkle Realty goes a step ahead to deliver the same with a more international appeal. With the perfect blend of time-tested practices and new-age architecture, every home by Sparkle Realty is crafted to inspire.

What sets us apart

We believe that every space has a personality of its own. Sparkle’s offerings are crafted keeping this very spirit in mind, and is distinguished by:

Maximum utilization of space

Luxury brand associations

Transparent and efficient architecture

Premium living amenities

Secure and sustainable systems

Aesthetic eye for detail