Amenities with something for everyone.


Homes that look after you and the environment.

From smart fixtures to eco-friendly paint, Marquise is centered around sustainability. Here's what we've done for a happier, healthier life space:

Tree cover

Marquise is laid out with an optimum ratio of tree cover to open spaces. This means that your home is surrounded by ample space, ensuring better air circulation between structures while reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.

Electric car charging points

We believe that the future is better when it is carbon-free. As a small step towards this, our parking spaces have distributed charging points to encourage the use of electric vehicles, thereby fueling a cleaner future.

Aroma garden

Our aroma garden includes several species of indigenous flowers that add a dash of color to the surroundings at Marquise. The flora has been carefully selected to attract bees and butterflies, giving you a complete sensory experience whenever you want.

Eco-friendly paint

Paints are made up of several chemicals that release harmful fumes – negatively impacting human health and the environment. At Marquise, our walls are exclusively covered with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints that do not release chemical fumes; making your home safer for you and your loved ones.

Low-flow fixtures

On an average, one person uses about 16 buckets (160 litres) of water, every day. But thanks to standard fixtures, most of this water ends up in the drain too fast, without optimal usage. With Marquise's low flow fixtures, however, you get exactly the amount of water you need; cutting down your consumption by a steep margin.

LEDs in common areas

Common areas, though sparingly used, often contribute to a significant portion of the total power consumption. But not at Marquise. We've picked out low power-rated LED lights to make sure that common areas are well-lit without adding unnecessary units to your maintenance cost.

Safety features

Features to give you that extra bit of peace of mind.



Marquise prides itself of integrating essential features, keeping everyone in mind. Our layout features ample ramps and stretcher-friendly lifts, making every corner easily accessible without any strain.

 Gearless lift

Gearless lift

Marquise's lifts are a lot quieter, thanks to the gearless technology powering them. Our lifts use fewer moving parts; making maintenance easier and reducing total energy consumption.

 Gas leak detector

Gas leak detector and piped-gas

Marquise comes equipped with a piped-gas solution that is economical, convenient, and safe. In addition to this, each apartment is equipped with a gas leak detector to step in and prevent fatal accidents from happening.

 Camera cover

Camera cover in common areas

Our common areas are carefully monitored 24/7 by alert security personnel through CCTV cameras that help promptly catch any intruders.

 Video door phone

Video door phone

Every apartment at Marquise includes a video door phone so you can be certain about your visitor's identity before letting them in.