Spaces designed with convenience in mind.

From pathways that prioritize pedestrians over vehicular movement to accessible parking lots neatly tucked away into the surroundings – every space at the Marquise is designed keeping you and your priorities in mind.

Jogging track
With an average project efficiency of 75% as opposed to the industry standard 70%, the Marquise leaves no stone unturned to give you the best of everything.
swimming pool
With just 4 apartments per floor and a distance of 125 ft between the main road and the residence, maximum privacy and exclusivity is a given at The Marquise.
Yoga deck
Planned with a special emphasis on your convenience, the 130 ft long driveway gives you the advantage of being in close proximity to the main road, yet away from pollution.


Experience the fresh outdoor breeze. indoors.

With essential airflow patterns carefully integrated into our blueprints, each apartment at Marquise enables natural cross-ventilation, throughout the year.


Safe energy, at the turn of a knob!

At Sparkle Realty, we place special importance on safety to give you complete peace of mind. That’s why all our apartments come with a smart pipe-gas system for hassle-free access to energy – without having to deal with heavy cylinders and delayed deliveries. What’s more, using this system comes with its own set of advantages such as:

Uninterrupted gas supply

Easy leak detection

Lower leak risks

Negligible maintenance


Know your water, inside-out.

Owing to the massive and widespread drilling of tubewells in Bangalore, the water table has dipped below the safety level of 1,000ft for potable water. Unless sustainable water management becomes a norm, Bangalore could easily face an acute water shortage in the near future.

At Marquise, we take special care to ensure that every drop of water is accounted for. Our water management and recycling facilities ensure that your apartment cares for your water needs in the most sustainable way.